Exclusive gel formulation of silica nanoparticles (thixotropic gel),
which facilitates application, better absorption and a controlled mixture of alpha and beta hydroxy acids by the phenol derivative release,
producing two actions, metabolic (with an effect keratolytic) and exfoliant.
The powerful antioxidant resveratrol, with silica nanoparticles determine a less aggressive product. Combined with TCA-Jessner every 15-20 days for best results.


14% of resorcinol is replaced by 5% TCA to avoid sensitization problems or contact allergies. The different components of the formulation leading to joint action: alpha and beta hydroxy acids (lactic and salicylic acids), remove dead cells of the stratum corneum and epidermis cells damaged by increasing cell turnover. Combined with Jessner every 15-20 days for best


The unique formulation based on a silica gel particles facilitates application
and improves the chemical action and the consequent effects with improved control of treatment. Suitable for younger patients. The gel contains a mixture of beta hydroxy acids with resorcinol and trichloroacetic acid, which gives the product a triple action on the epidermal surface (keratolytic, exfoliating and depigmentation effect). Combine with TCA-Jessner and Jessner.


Thixotropic gel for topical use containing an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) formulated in a silica base. The use of citric acid with glycolic acid enhances the effect of the product.
Using silica nanoparticles as a vehicle, determines less traumatic and more effective skin thanks to the effects of controlled release products, improving absorption. Suitable for body application.


The combined use of lactic and glycolic acid improves the final result, positioning use in the periorbital region safer and less irritation.
Superficial peeling Glyco- Eye has queratorregulators effects, which cause peeling and flaking of the treated area. Facial rejuvenation with wrinkle reduction, scars, sunspots or senile lentigines and hiperpigmantación.


PRE-PEELLINGS Line. Necessary to obtain the best results, once you prepare the skin for treatment, and allows more consistent results.
Dry and / or sensitive skin (Ready-S) or normal / combination / oily (Ready-N) skin.


CALM: topical thixotropic gel containing a buffering agent and pH indicator to achieve a good neutralization, which occurred a process of chemical peeling with Aellas Glyco-50 and/or Aellas Glyco-Eye.

REMOVER: Postpeeling to apply the salicylic peel. Water-based gel that acts as solvent and buffer solution. To be used with peelings: Aellas SRT, Aellas Jessner, Aellas TCA-Jessner.


  • Products ready for use.
  • Easy implementation and administration during treatment.
  • Personalized treatment with the combination of products from different areas of treatment and aesthetic targets.
  • Greater patient satisfaction due to short treatments.
  • Chemical stability, ensuring long storage.
  • Natural compositions with substances like trehalose, exceptional for protection and hydration of the skin.

Effect of crystallization Aellas Jessner

Completing treatment TCA-Jessner

NOURISH: Moisturizer and soothing gel to repair and moisturize the skin after exfoliation treatment and home application.

TREHALOSE confers protective, antioxidant and moisturizing properties. FROM NATURE TO YOUR SKIN.


CLEAN: Intelligent towels Anti-inflammatory, smooth and refreshing to clean the treated area.


The Aellas Skin Renewal program starts a new era in chemical peels. Ingredients with proven advantages, and recent advances in nanotechnology, allow the acllas program offers a particularly comfortable and convenient to patients by assuring the safety, ease and effectiveness of prosecution experience.

• THIXOTROPIC BEHAVIOR: It prevents leakage and eliminates the need for “barriers”, allowing fast and safe procedures.

• CONTROLLED RELEASE: The active agents of the nanostructure are released continuously and evenly on the skin, preventing the undesirable effects of inconsistent application.

• PENETRATION SIMPLIFIED: Nanoparticles penetrate small intercellular spaces. deeper, uniform and effective treatment.

• CHEMICAL STABILITY: fairly long storage time due to the high chemical stability. This facilitates the clínica.ficaz inventory.

• ACTIVE CLEANING AND LUBRICATION: captan nanoparticles skin impurities and create a mechanical lubricant effect, facilitating exfoliation and peeling treatment resulting in a highly effective.

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